Locksmith Certifications

Locksmith CertificationsLocksmithing is a growing industry, with many people attempting to perfect the art and come to the aid of the average vaguely terrified citizen. Locksmiths have experience dealing with interesting things like dead bodies and police investigations, but the core focus of their work is inherently altruistic. That being said, many scam artists have been cropping up and attempting to ruin the good name of the locksmithing service. Therefore, it is increasingly more and more important to be completely certified and licensed as a locksmith, no matter the region you live in. How does one become certified, though, and what are the laws surrounding locksmith licenses?

Surprising Locksmith Regulations

What is surprising about the regulations for locksmiths is that there often times aren’t any. There are only fifteen states in the entire USA that require locksmiths to have a license. Because of this, the number of rip-off pseudo-locksmiths has grown immeasurably. Licensing for a locksmith proves not only that the individual in question is trained and qualified to be performing the necessary procedures, but also verifies that the person passed an extensive background check to verify their good intentions.

If you do not live in the United States, the regulations are even worse. There are very few existing countries that actually bother to regulate the locksmithing industry. Despite the inherently invasive quality of this line of work, these countries do not feel the need to investigate or determine the legitimacy of these locksmiths’ intentions. This fact actually makes the entire industry strained for true professional locksmiths, who are now in competition with frauds and fakes who consistently rip off innocent victims.

There are no standard prices for locksmithing services, so a locksmith is technically allowed to charge whatever they would like for their services. The fact of the matter is, the services offered are often different from locksmith to locksmith, and subsequently, the pay rate is going to differ as well.

How Does One Become Certified?

Certification happens through the Associated Locksmiths of America certification program, which is referred to as PRP. This examination provides a standard of comprehensive knowledge as well as technical proficiency that evaluates the legitimacy of any aspiring locksmith. To take the exam and become a certified locksmith, you need to become a member of the ALOA website. They offer practice tests to help future locksmiths prepare for the certification process. The actual exam has to be registered for, similar to the ACT or SAT tests, and it is pass or fail.

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