What You Need to Know About Keyless Door Locks

keyless entry locksWhat You Need to Know About Keyless Door Locks

Keyless Door Locks are becoming popular today. These lock types come with the potential of completely transforming your home and office security. In the locks industry today, you will find a number of new electronic and keyless door locks for safe guarding your home or your business.

Since these are still new systems, you will find that people are still curious to find out more about this new generation of locks for commercial and residential use. Therefore, we will now focus on answering some common questions about these locks.

Do Keyless Entry Systems Make Your Property Secure?

In the security community, you will find different views when it comes to digital locks. Some will criticize these locks while others praise them. The keyless entry door systems are good quality and look professional while they also feel secure.

When it comes to choosing the right locks for your house, you will definitely want to go for the locks that look and feel secure. These high quality locks play a vital role in securing your property.

What Should I look out for when purchasing Keyless Door Locks?

For the normal locks, you will definitely want to go for the heavy duty type and ensure the keys aren’t duplicated. The question is, what should you consider when it comes to digital locks? The number one factor is the additional features like low battery indicators. The digital locks will sound a beep as a warning message in case of low battery. Other digital locks will display a low battery message.

Remember that if the battery is dry, you risk a lockout! Secondly, you might want to consider a built in alarm. These Digital locks come with an alarm for intrusion detection. This is an added feature that ensures your home is secure.

Do I Really Need Digital Locks?

Although they are easy to operate, digital locks require you to have a good memory. If you forget the code, you will be locked out. Thus, these digital locks aren’t very good for people who tend to have trouble remembering things.

Digital locks are also useful in commercial buildings and workplaces. This is because they also act as access control systems. However, they are also used in homes.

Key Takeaway

Ultimately, Keyless Door locks are an important security enhancement for home owners and commercial door use as well. They are aesthetically pleasing and sold in different styles and colors. If you are using digital locks, remember to ensure that you hire an experienced locksmith to install the lock. DNA Locks Encino has over nine years of experience working with Keyless Door Locks on residential and commercial properties. Give us a call today at (818) 306-4687 if you need Keyless Door Locks Service.